Digital Media for International Marketing

Similar to my previous post where I have discussed my plans for the Sport Broadcasting module I lead (see here) in this post I will summarise how the Digital Media for International Marketing module is organised for this coming term. This module follows a similar rationale to Sport Broadcasting where it is understood that media becomes integral to our daily lives. And only after understanding this mediated life is that we can start discussing how to develop and plan marketing and communication strategies in sport that utilises different digital media channels.

Initially, as this module is a core one for Sport Marketing students and an elective for Sport Business Management students who might have not selected Sport Broadcasting during the second year of their degree it is important that there is an element of revision of the symbiotic relationship between sport and media at the very beginning of the module. Thus, the first two weeks of the Digital Media for International Marketing module will provide a foundational discussion of the relationships between sport and media, and specifically discuss how media platforms – from traditional to new media – have appropriated sport as a content.

In the following week we will focus our attention on the current sports media ecology by discussing how consumption practices and content creation are taking a transmedia and convergence cultural approach. It is only after understanding that content flows and spread across multiple media channels – and each media channel content tends to complement another one – is that we can focus on specific digital and new media platforms where sports communication and marketing strategies are taking place nowadays. Following those two previous weeks’ discussions we will look at how sports marketing and promotional activities takes place in the digital age, and how different digital media platforms can be used complementary to deliver one coherent marketing and business model (see here a discussion on digital marketing and Apple Fitness+).

In the last three weeks of the term we will focus more on the practicalities of developing a digital media marketing campaign by focusing on media planning and selection (week 6), media content creation (week 7), and how to plan this campaign for global audiences (week 8).

As assessment students are required to submit a Digital Project that is comprised by two parts: in the first one students need to create a global digital marketing campaign Sway presentation (4,000 words equivalent) of a fictitious brand with the objective of building relationships and increasing customer engagement and interaction; students in this first part also need to justify their media selection and create content for their selected multiple digital channels. In the second part of the Digital Project (1,000 words equivalent), students need to reflect on their engagement on the asynchronous activity (Fundamentals of Digital Marketing) by using Gibb’s reflective cycle.

Hope you are all excited with how the module is structured. I will keep posting weekly a short summary of our topic and associated theories. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below in the comments section.

shows the information about Digital Media for International Marketing module for Sport Marketing and Sport Business Management students; has the twitter handle of the module leader (@renanpwagner), the twitter hashtag (#tott694), QR code to the reading list, and the assessment components to the module
Digital Media for International Marketing

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