The Purpose

One of my first thoughts when I embark in any project is to think why am I doing it – or to put it bluntly – what is the purpose for all of this.

After some years in academia I came to realise that sometimes what we do on a daily basis is perceived to be either irrelevant to the real world or we seem to be unable to communicate our insights in a straightforward way to all audiences.

At the same time, in our day-to-day we are flooded by ideas, points of view, and opinions coming from all directions – some more reliable than others. In some way, we all become consumers and producers of our own realities.

So, the intention behind this blog is to be an open space where I can share my ideas and points of view in regards of the current trends in the world of sport. In particular my focus will be on how sport can help us understand society.

In short, I will be a commentator of present time.

* This blog contains only my own opinions and viewpoints and none of my employers

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